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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Busy weekend

It was one heck of a long weekend! From Friday thru Monday I got a ton of stuff accomplished.

Between Thursday and Friday I got all the lawns mowed.  Gosh that grass is growing like crazy.

Saturday was paint/sand day.  The folding doors I use under my spring plants seedlings haven't been painted since '09.  They wouldn't last another season unless I sealed them up again.  I found the paint.  It had separated since '09, but it stirred right up and did the job.

Next up - 2 new little benches from a sale.  Redwood and the tops sanded up nicely.  An application of TWP and now they are waterproof against the weather.

The lattice I built for Mom last year got left in the planter over winter so the bottom rotted out.  I trimmed the rest and will make a cedar 'frame' for the lattice so it can stay in the planter without rotting in the future.

Then out into the gardens.  I set up the 2 water bins in the swing bed (draining the water barrel back by the shed in the process).  Now I can water transplants in that bed without having to lug H2O from the shed barrel.

Then I got the string trimmer going and cleared up the the area around the burning bush hedge.  The plants are looking nice.  I gave them a good dose of Milorganite both for growth and deer deterent.

Next I shaped up the hemlocks along the driveway.  I'm hoping to get them to dense out instead of just going up.

Then one more woodwork thing.  I made a jig to lay on top of the original privacy fence sections.  We're going to adjust those planks and having a jig in place will keep them level as we go.

And, finally, I took Sunday to scrub the deck (OxiClean experiment: I think it took out too much of the existing colorant - won't use that again) and power wash.  It took a lot of time and by late afternoon I was totally tired.  What a job.

Monday, I rolled on the TWP.  I have always brushed the deck, but I'm getting too old for all that stooping, rolling stool or not.  Since brushing the fence has worked so well, I thought I'd do the deck.

I had 1.5 gallons of TWP on hand so knew I had enough for the job.  Rolling wasn't as easy on the deck as the fence.  The fence boards are flat.  The deck is wavy, split, cracked, etc.  I found I couldn't make enough contacct with the roller by going ALONG the boards.  So I tried ACROSS.  That worked much better as more sealant got into cracks and along the edges.  I'm sure brushing would have done a better job, but I'm starting to subscribe to the 'good enough' theory and walking away from 'gotta be perfect' delusion.  Should save wear and tear on the ol' bod. ;-)
I still had to brushwork the all edges, under the railing and the board along the house.  The roller was faster.  Start to finish maybe 3 hours.  And it took just over a gallon of sealant (by about 2C).  Standing up to apply was less hard on my back, that's for sure.  Gonna need more sealant for future projects, though. (Ordered online before starting application, delivery within 48 hrs.!)

I think since the OxiClean removed so much existing colorant, I may do another application in Fall.  We'll see.

Anyway, here, Tuesday morning, I'm rather surprised that I'm not feeling more beat up than I am after 4 non-stop days.  

All I have to do get done before the rains start tomorrow night is to mow those lawns again and set up another waterbarrel back at the shed and up by the garage.

*woof*  How about you?  Are you going gung-ho during this nice weather?

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Final fence fun!

Saturday was very brisk, but sunny and the wind wasn't bad at all.  My friend came over at noon and we started hanging the planks on the last section of fence.

This time I didn't go with the wide/narrow sequence with the plank, but with with all wide.  I won't see much of this section because there is a lovely hemlock in front of it.

We hung planks from both sides to the center planning on the last plank being trimmed to accomodate whatever opening was left (a slim piece, about 2" at this time, but with a slight taper).  Will install that later in the season when new planks have shrunk and we'll remeasure the fill piece then.

Right now a scrap piece closes that last gap.  With hanging, then cutting top/bottom slants, it only took us 3 hours.  A record! (No thin boards to dink with.)

I hung the boards at a decline, giving the final section a softer look rather than having just a tall, 7-foot post at the end.  This slant (top and bottom) eases the fence right into the driveway mixed border shrubs.

All I have to do is put some TWP after the boards weather this season.  Probably September.

Otherwise - the privacy fence extension is done.  Now I want to plant something along the length so close up the gap (15-20") underneath, something low and evergreen would be nice.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Final fence section - framework

Yesterday, while mild in temps, was WILD with winds.  

But it was dry and so my friend came over and we got to work closing up that last section of the privacy fence extension.

That section was open for so long because I was still up in the air whether I should close it off or put a gate there.

The decision was left so long that the hemlock growing in that location had now become too big for me to transplant out if a gate was going there.

So closing up that section was the best call.  The last post was cut shorter to accomodate a gate.  It worked just as well as a terminal post because I'm able to put in a softer final panel with a nice slope.  I found I did not like looking at that really tall finished panel next to it for over  year.  Too tall.  Too abrupt.  No finesse.

This final panel will reek with finesse. LOL

Thank goodness we were only putting up 2x2s and 2x4s.  The winds were steady almost 20 mph with lots of gusts (from every imaginable direction) well into mid-30s mph.  Both of us were thrown off balance more than once. Wrangling 6' planks would have been a struggle to work with.  There.  Framework in place.

The weather is now taking a turn back to 'normal' March (40s daytime, 20s nightime) with chances of rain and/or snow now and then.

We'll get at the planks later on in Spring,  but I can't tell ya how excited I am on closing up this section and finally blocking out the rest of the rental house next door.

Besides, now there'll be a nice backdrop for my hemlock.  Win win win.

=========  1 week later ========

Since the boards will be going up this coming weekend, I thought I'd take a chance on the weather and give the frame a coat of sealant.  Luckily, in the end, Selene rain held off a whole day later than they forecasted.  The application had time to cure.

The color took well (the 2x4s had been airing in a barn since last summer, so they took the sealant right up).

Just look at how much more of the rental house will be blocked because of this final section. (pic3) 

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