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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Okay, NOW we're tucked in 2012

So sue me.  I managed to get in just ONE. MORE. PROJECT. for the season.

First off, I raked up the gum leaves.  They really were pretty deep and would not have done the lawn (still recouping from the drought) any good over winter.

Besides, I'd sorta had a place I could use them.

Tired of the *&*# deer ravaging my vegs this season, I have decided to turn the old veg bed into a flower bed.

As for the veg, I'm moving them into the ring bed.

Growing in the northern segment of the ring has turned out well.   So, I figured, I'd just add another parallel segment inside the ring.

That way it should be easy next summer to fence them both in against the deer.

Earlier (mid-November) I'd staked out the 3-foot wide, 45-ft long arc and, having no newspaper, I sprayed with herbicide.

But in cooler weather, grass is hard to kill.  You can see in the pic that after over 2 weeks the grass was doing just fine.  *sigh*

So I covered the arc in 8" of leaves hoping they would smother the grass over winter.  Since I didn't want the squirrels digging in the leaves or winter winds blowing the leaves around, I covered them with landscape fabric (held down with sod staples).


In Spring I'll have Craig bring over his big garden tiller and break the sod and turn in the leaves.

(Oh.  The big blue thing?  It's a pile of shredded leaves from my nabe.  I was going to pile them on the new arc, but have decided to use them for veg mulch next year.  So I dragged them (*oof*  and WHY does my back hurt??) back to the shed where they will be off the grass and out of the way.)

The final pic: how thing are looking as of now.

If you click the pic, then enlarge, you can see the new arc bed as well as the 3 raised beds running just in front of the back snow fence.

I have to tell you, though, I'm getting too old to make more beds.  I've overused my back this year and I've been advised that without strength building exercises & bone building supplements, I'm risking back injuries just picking up a cup of coffee these days. (Okay - that's an exaggeration - but I can't seem to do anything anymore without something inside complaining!)

So I'm going to have to really watch what I do from now one.  *sigh*  Getting old is a b!tch.

Anyway, NOW things are tucked in and I'm tuckered out.  And just in time.  We've got 3 days of on/off rain starting tonight.

Finally, I'm looking forward to a winter's worth of rest and recuperation.  Sure hope you're holding up better than I am.  *heh*

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  1. Know all about the "growing old" part LOL

    Sure hope the new ring bed works for you next season - that was a LOT of work for a last garden project of the yer - well done :)

    1. Thanks, Dani. Heck, just a couple years ago I could go all day outside. LOL Now I have to pace myself. Yes, I do hope the new veg arc turns out well. And I'm already making plans for the old veg bed -- stay tuned for updates in spring. :-D

  2. Kris, remember, exercise is good for bones,strengthens them. As for supplements, I am of the school that is is better to get them directly from good, wholesome food. Still, lightening up some the the work load isn't a bad thing either. I think you may be a little bit of a workaholic......but your yard is looking very nice and tidy for winter.

    How do you plan to keep the deer from the new veggie bed?

    1. Thanks for the concern and advice, Glenda. I'm not actually a workaholic, but when there is no one else to do a chore/project (even for cash), then it falls to me. Truly, I'd rather be doing less work and more fun. As for food vs supplements, it's a toss-up. *sigh*

      I hope to fence in those 2 veg arcs with deer webbing. Fingers crossed.

  3. I KNEW IT!!! Glad you're back! I didn't think you'd given up on gardening for real. :o)

    1. Probably against my better judgment, but yeah, I'll give it another go. I'll give vegs a chance inside a fence. The rest of the property, however, will probably continue to be destroyed by deer...

  4. Ditto everything Glenda says :}

    Love what you've done (and leaves are relatively light to move ... Pics 3 and 4 do 'so' appeal to the helplessly organised bit of me which loves to see the garden looking tucked up and tidy.

    What are your planting plans? Seeds of supposedly deer-resistent flowers?

    1. "light to move" - oh sweetie, when you have a tarp laden with this many leaves it's not light nor easy to haul. I felt something 'give' in my neck when dragging these around and will not do it again. Bending and lifting - also a killer. This is probably the last new bed I'll build here at the Sanctuary. Too strenuous for me anymore. Hopefully the bed will be productive. I love fresh veg.

    2. "felt something give" - hmm, Hobbit not happy to hear that, of course, moving just a few at a time wouldn't have been my way, either :}

      Have you thought of building new beds using the Hugelkultur method? I'm going to use my own variation to create all the raised beds in our new vegetable patch.

      If you Google it you will find hundreds of results, anything from Sepp Holzer always impresses me, and only this week I came across this one: her explanations are good and it all makes huge sense.

      (sorry this is not an embedded tidy link!)

      apropos nothing, stumbled across another site which I think you will also like, the 'Saltram haybox' and 'zeer pot fridge' and much more:

    3. No, I'm done with bed building. There are enough here now.